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Case History

Case History

Case History | PIERHOUSE



Set in one of the most iconic places in the world, the project is positioned along the north-south direction of the renovated park along the river and west-east direction of the bridge that connects two sides of the same metropolis.

Open the visitor's gaze to the New World era and pamper it with the natural elements of this spectacular Hotel, where the GS window systems a tools for the organic enjoyment of the experience.


  • Destination: Hotel (and top floor restaurant)

  • Serie Gastaldello Sistemi: Custom Window Wall, EL 65 P

  • Types of windows Fixed, Doors, Parallel Slides, Internal opening leaves


  • "full height" mirroring of the floor to maximize the relationship with the outside

  • free possibility of inserting openable types and modulation of the "rhythm" of the facade

  • parallel sliding openings to minimize internal dimensions

  • extra standard dimensions and creation of project profiles for integration with structures, closures, and parapets

  • specific system of bracketing and sequential installation on horizontal concrete

  • improved thermal performance and management of the entire process according to LEED compliance

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