gastaldello sistemi azienda



Since 1959 we are flexible, green and fit as aluminum

Gastaldello Sistemi lives every project with the care of a master craftsman.

We are a team of professionals who put their knowledge at the disposal of designers, architects and window manufacturers to develop innovative and high-performance solutions for the building envelope with passion, precision and the care of an ancient master craftsman.


is innovation,
is design,
is comfort



In addition to styles and locations, windows put humanity in contact with creation. Children’s screams, the breaking of the sea waves, music, scents and happy memories can enter through an open window. Emotions are born in the heart, while the mind passes beyond the transparency of a glass window.



Technology opens the man’s mind, offering him new perspectives.

We use high-precision, new-generation, high-tech instruments to achieve, without compromise, the dreams of modern architecture.



Savour the beauty of every moment: oxygen for the soul. The well-being and the salubrity of the rooms make them excellent spaces to live Savour the beauty of every moment: oxygen for the soul.

The well-being and the salubrity of the rooms make them excellent spaces to live in. Windows are the first step towards total harmony between man and his environment and we know this. Comfort is the pleasure of living in our homes and the indispensable premise of welcoming.



Make space for uniqueness, a proud gift for your personality. Tools for architecture and ingenuity. We create customised solutions, moulding material that is unique in terms of its softness, strength and ductility.

Anything can become reality, even our most daring desires. We just have to have the right partner. Look at the window: a timeless art.

High technology equipment, high quality results

The versatility of production. Gastaldello Sistemi is the result of a design process in which it is possible to create a profile based on specific needs and using efficient software.

Additionally, thanks to a sophisticated program, it is possible to calculate the thermal Uf of door and window frames. Such flexible production and a stock of always available and well-organised raw material, enables timely delivery.

Furthermore, Gastaldello Sistemi offers its customer a particularly rich and complete choice of colours and a constantly updated range of profiles.

International certification

We always start from a fixed point: the highest quality guaranteed. We operate in full compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001 standards. Paint is certified by the Qualicoat mark.

One of the strengths of our company is the ability of its design and production departments and their capacity to work in teams, successfully creating patented profiles that are ideal for combining the aesthetic requirements of architects with the door and window frame production techniques of manufacturers. Each of our products combines technical innovation, ease of use and design.

The high quality standard achieved by our systems is the result of the rigorous tests to which all products are constantly subjected; these are officially certified by renowned international laboratories. All EUROline, ECOtherm and NEWTEC systems come with ITT certification, which is necessary for door and window frame to manufacturers to obtain CE marking