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Case History

Case History

Case History | Adigeo



From the masterplan for a strategic area to be repurposed, this new building with a tricuspid plan starts as an outpost and a reminder of a new present moment that asks to express itself making itself enjoyed by diverse users. Sistemi Gastaldello Sistemi follow the shapes by creating beams of light with large multi-story lites and large circular spaces with scenic entrances for a spectacular visual that inspires a deep breath.


  • Destination: Malls

  • Serie Gastaldello Sistemi: Curtain walls (GS Series EL 50FB)

  • Serie Gastaldello Sistemi: Doors / ENFC / Sliding Doors / U.S. Doors (GS EL65 / EL76P)


  • integration of multiple aesthetic and functional variants for firefighting, escape, evacuation systems

  • timeliness in multidisciplinary project support for a LEED complex with high energy efficiency

  • combinations of the chromatic shades of the profiles communicate with wall coverings and laminated coverings

  • versatility and coordination of the series for the best user experience with a spectacular visual representation on vertical and inclined planes

  • special production processes are certified and controlled according to specific regulatory restrictions

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