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Case History

Case History

Case History | 551 WEST 21st STREET

551 WEST 21st STREET


Inserting themselves in a rigid irregular-shaped structural mesh, the Gastaldello Sistemi façade systems are molded into form, becoming themselves objects of luxury and spectacular architecture.Along a skyline dotted with architectural gems, the building breathes, allowing natural daylight to permeate for the resident, while at nightfall it restores chromatic accents to the "City that never sleeps".


  • Destination: Residential

  • Serie Gastaldello Sistemi: Custom semi-modular facade, EL, 65, EL, 50, FG

  • Types of windows:Fixed, Casement inswing and outswing, Doors, Sliding doors


  • modular "all-glass" system with clear/opaque accents that reveal a broken-through visual and projected positioning of the window

  • consistency with the overall design of fittings to external and internal customized structures

  • painted or anodized finishes in shiny gold, matt black and brushed bronze for elegant material effects

  • variable angles and cantilevered positions to allow bold perspective cuts

  • sharp or rounded edges to match the light in homes

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551 West 21st Street NY
A complete facade system with Inswing Casement Windows (max. dim 18.78”L x 116.42”H), Top Hung Awning Windows (max. dim 25.98”L x 88.19”H), Fixed Units (max. dim 93.74”L x 189.17”H), Lift and Slide Doors (max. dim 177.17”L x 124.41”H), various qt.