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Case History

Case History

Case History | 180E 88th St. Penthouse

180E 88th St. Penthouse


A luxurious, unique Penthouse overlooking the Upper East Side where this tower stands out, which thrives on contrasts between the massive material of the exterior and the organic shape of the interior. The crowning symbolizes the challenge; the union of these dichotomies where the curves reveal themselves to the entire rigid urban network discovering sinuous ogivali shapes that the GS facades follow and enhance.


  • Destination: Residential

  • Serie Gastaldello Sistemi: EL 50 FB, EL 65 P

  • Types of windows:Facades, doors, swing doors


  • attached to structures and coatings of refined shapes with bold cuts of aluminum and glass shapes

  • coordinated with the whole team for exact construction to site conditions and final designs

  • completion of three-dimensional critical nodes and processing of unique components

  • calendaring jointed to zero to follow the exact form of the cement ogival shapes

  • "artisan" care in the study and creation of profiles and reinforcements as well as sheet metal and corrugated forms

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180E 88th St. Penthouse New York