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Sliding Minimal Elegant Safe

The essence of the sliding window

The EL145SE system allows you to create large sliding and sliding glass doors with a mobile leaf size up to
L 2,000 X H 3,000 mm and with a weight of up to 400 kg. .

To improve the adaptability of the window to the building and architectural needs, the system has been equipped with a mobile door + fixed door solution positioned outside the frame. This singular typology, other than offering comfort and economy of scale, allows you to improve general thermal insulation performance

We designed the EL145SE minimalist sliding door to offer an elegant compromise between traditional and minimal sliding.

Designer Team - Gastaldello SpA


EL145SE does not forget an important thing such as safety. Punctual anti-burglary tests are underway with the aim of achieving the performance foreseen by the European standard EN1637-30.

In its essentiality, EL145SE could not left behind the accessibility, the lowered thresholds in the system, easily accommodate everyone.


EL145SE can be used both in case of home renovation and in other types of structural operations because it offers a wide variety of building solutions.

Thanks to the performance tests we made, our solution (EL145SE) can correctly respect all performance criteria that certify the product ability to guarantee energy saving.

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ESSENCIAL is the central concept that has inspired all the project and its primary aim was to offer the maximum return of light from the external environment.

The junction in the middle, that is only 35 mm large, helps to minimize the visual impact and to reduce the darkening elements.

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Technical features

Seal performance

Size: L 3.200 x H 2.450 2 ante

Air permeability


Water tightness


Wind resistence


Thermal performance

Size: L 2.500 x H 2.180 2 ante
Uw = 1,36 W/mqK
whit glass Ug = 0,9W/mqK psi = 0,036

Anti-burglary performance



The system allows to realize different configurations combinig sliding windows with fixed windows. configurando parti fisse con parti mobili.

We can also produce wide doors, until L 2.000 e H 3.000 mm, max load 400 kg.

Available in two (2-3-4 sash) or three (3-6 sash) track system.



Different types of handles are available. All of them have an elegant design and they can have 2 or 3 locking system.

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