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In Gastaldello Sistemi, door and window frame manufacturers can find the guarantee of efficient, quality technical support, from training to optimum use of profiles, information on the performance of the proposed systems, the supply of machinery and all finishing components.


The VIEW series is the new line of sliding frames, suitable for creating wide and beautiful, light spaces.

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The detail makes the difference

The products are the result of a meticulous design process, from their details to the mnufacture of multiple solutions, characterised by accurate design and with a high level of technical performance guaranteed for every single component.

Product quality and energy savings

From the choice of raw material used to the study and design of systems according to climatic conditions and thermo-hygrometric well-being.

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GS Preventor Workshop
Use the new GS tool to configure and optimise your door and window frames, in a completely innovative and fast way, tailored to your needs and customised for your business.


Extrusion and special machining

Extrusion is an industrial process that enables aluminium to be compressed in a plastic state through a mould, in order to obtain constant section bars.


International certification

We always start from a fixed point: the highest quality guaranteed. We operate in full compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001: 2000 standards. Paint is certified by the Qualicoat mark.

One of the strengths of our company is the ability of its design and production departments and their capacity to work in teams, successfully creating patented profiles that are ideal for combining the aesthetic requirements of architects with the door and window frame production techniques of manufacturers. Each of our products combines technical innovation, ease of use and design.

The high quality standard achieved by our systems is the result of the rigorous tests to which all products are constantly subjected; these are officially certified by renowned international laboratories. All EUROline, ECOtherm and NEWTEC systems come with ITT certification, which is necessary for door and window frame to manufacturers to obtain CE marking.

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