Advanced technology

Our production versatility is born in the design phase, when each profile is made based on the specific needs of the customer, using innovative new technologies.
Additionally, using a sophisticated calculation program, we can always accurately determine the Uf thermal value of the window.
The company's flexibility, supported by a supplied and organised warehouse of materials, is a guarantee that a product of excellence is always delivered with punctuality. We are also able to offer a particularly extensive range of colours and constantly update our range of profiles.

International certification

We always start from a fixed point: the highest quality guaranteed. We operate in full compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 standards. Paint is certified by the Qualicoat mark.

One of the strengths of our company is the ability of its design and production departments and their capacity to work in teams, successfully creating patented profiles that are ideal for combining the aesthetic requirements of architects with the door and window frame production techniques of manufacturers. Each of our products combines technical innovation, ease of use and design.

The high quality standard achieved by our systems is the result of the rigorous tests to which all products are constantly subjected; these are officially certified by renowned international laboratories. All EUROline, ECOtherm and NEWTEC systems come with ITT certification, which is necessary for door and window frame to manufacturers to obtain CE marking.

Beyond the product

At Gastaldello Sistemi, we are not just producers of excellence in the field of door and window frames and industrial profiles, but as consultants we also offer design and construction studies for those who wish to take advantage of our long experience in the construction of extrusions for buildings and industry.
The door and window frame manufacturer can also find the guarantee of efficient and quality technical support at GS: from training to optimum use of profiles, information on the performance of the proposed systems, the supply of machinery and all finishing components.
Extensive expertise in extrusion has enabled the company to extend its technical capabilities to other sectors where aluminium is used. Supported by a technical team of professionals, we can provide the customer with active and complete design support in order to obtain the best results together and to achieve a unique product in terms of performance, functionality, simplicity and aesthetics.

Energy savings

Awareness of the subject of energy saving and ecology has always been in our DNA. From the selection of the raw material used to the study of systems that best satisfy the comfort of our homes, our choices always aim to respect the environment and provide the highest energy performance. The study of climatic conditions and the search for thermo-hygrometric well-being are the basis of each project we have implemented.
The aluminium alloy required for our profiles is high quality, it complies with standard UNI EN 573 and UNI EN 755-2 and guarantees waste-free processing. Painted and anodised aluminium also gives the product durability that remains substantially unchanged over time, maintaining high mechanical and aesthetic performance.

Respect for nature through energy saving becomes a reality with our systems, since they ensure a significant reduction in the heat dispersion between the indoor environment and the outdoor environment: less energy is used, which means less emission of pollutants into the atmosphere.
Internal temperature control of the door and window frames and the consequent reduction in the formation of condensation are obtained through isolated profiles. Thin strips of material with low thermal conductivity are interposed between the layers of aluminium. The NEWTEC and EUROline and ECOtherm lines studied in the Gastaldello Sistemi laboratories meet these requirements, ensuring optimum comfort and isolation from external agents such as pollution, wind, noise and temperature variations for each architectural solution.